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From the Archives - 2004

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2004 Freshman

(front row l-r) Mike Spears, Brendan Ryan, Stephen Hickey, John Hilly, Mike Mentzer,
Sean Behm(back row l-r) Asst. Coach Bill Carroll, Michael Nigh, Andrew Parker, Chris Roe, Jeff McDevitt, Blake Wexler, Anthony Laganelli, Eric Chesen, Brendan Mahoney, Aris Polites, Coach Tom Green
(missing from photo - Vance Lewis and Mike Hemcher)

Sean Behn
Center Field, Pitcher
Eric Chesen
Outfield, Second Base
Stephen Hickey
Shortstop, Second Base, Pitcher
John Hilly
Second Base, Pitcher
Anthony Laganelli
Pitcher, Outfield
Vance Lewis

Brendan Mahoney
Shortstop, Outfield
Jeff McDevitt
First base
Mike Mentzer
Second Base, Outfield

Michael Nigh
Catcher, Outfield
Andrew Parker
Catcher, Infield, Pitcher
Aris Polites
Third Base, Pitcher

Chris Roe
Second/Third Base, Shortstop, Pitcher
Brendan Ryan
Pitcher, Infield
Mike Spears
Blake Wexler
Catcher, First Base

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