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From the Archives - 2004

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2004 Junior Varsity

(front row l-r) Geoff Arnold, Kyle Hash, Scott Michaelis, J.T Susko, and Ben Scott.
(middle row l-r) Matt Raible, Jeff Dornseif, Brian Ezekian, Matt De Stefano, Andrew Yamarick, and Kyle Rosadino.
(back row l-r) Brent Byrne, Jamie Close, Head Coach Kevin Pechin, John Swarr, Dan Gentzler, and Rich Mayer.

Brent Byrne
Jamie Close
John Swarr
Dan Gentzler
Rich Mayer
Matt Raible

Jeff Dornseif
Brian Ezekian
Matt De Stefano

Andrew Yamarick
Kyle Rosadino
Geoff Arnold

Kyle Hash
Scott Michaelis
J.T Susko
Ben Scott

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